One More Cure for Hiccups

December 20, 2022 · 5:50 AM

I’ve created formerly about how Paul Ingraham aided get rid of my patello-femoral ache syndrome.

Extra a short while ago, Paul looked into hiccup cures because his father experienced an intractable scenario. What finally worked for father? Respiratory into a plastic bag.

Boosting blood CO2 (hypercapnia) by breathing in a PLASTIC bag. This one particular is pretty plausible and is easy and protected to try. Hypercapnia definitely affects some sorts of hiccups. The tale (from a sensible source, a superior “friend of PainSci”): “There’s an even simpler way out of hiccups — at zero price tag. Learned it from my uncle, who examined medicine in Brazil in the 50s. Anesthetized patients with hiccups ended up a discomfort, so they required to get rid of it ASAP. Process: respiration in a PLASTIC bag, tiny more than enough for you to get to hypercapnia (get larger blood degrees of CO2). You have to hold the bag Definitely tight close to nose and mouth to reduce air from escaping, and if you have difficulties with dizziness, it’s advisable to sit down for it. As shortly as it receives awkward, largely soon after 4-6 breaths, you can end, the hiccup will be long gone. I really do not know what this does to the phrenic nerve, but it is effective 100%.”

Protection Notice: Obviously there could be some hazard with this approach. If he’d experienced reduced O2 or was having difficulties for breath, we probably wouldn’t have dared. (On the other hand, if he’d been in that point out, he would’ve been at the healthcare facility.) But he was supervised, with no probability of getting stuck, and a issue of only just a handful of breaths. Maybe there was continue to some risk… but I consider not dealing with those people hiccups was also a danger.

I have never ever tried that approach for my hiccups. My own most loved property remedy is “drinking from the significantly aspect of the glass.” AKA, consuming drinking water upside down. View this video of a good ol’ boy demonstrating the technique even though I would intention for drinking at least 6-8 fl oz of drinking water prior to quitting. Really don’t request me how it works it may perhaps have some thing to do with the soft palate or diaphragm.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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