7 Keto Recipe Websites Perfect for Beginners

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the ketogenic or “keto” diet. It is a low-carb diet that causes your body to go into a metabolic fat-burning state called “ketosis.” Fans everywhere of the keto diet speak highly of weight loss results incurred after trying keto. […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the ketogenic or “keto” diet. It is a low-carb diet that causes your body to go into a metabolic fat-burning state called “ketosis.”

Fans everywhere of the keto diet speak highly of weight loss results incurred after trying keto. And it is so popular, it even has its own holiday–National Keto Day, celebrated every year on January 5.

If you are ready to jump on the keto diet trend in 2021, here are the seven best websites to find quick and easy keto recipes to get you started.

Low carb Africa

If the thought of going cold turkey on tantalizing West African delicacies like jollof rice makes you shudder, then check out this website. Low Carb Africa presents an array of African and African-inspired low-carb recipes that are simple to whip up in no time.

The creator of Low Carb Africa is Tayo Oredola. She is a Nigerian-American software engineer who adopted a keto lifestyle three years ago. She suffered from severe migraines, which prompted her to look for ways that could cure the pain. She had heard people talk about the benefits of a keto diet and finally tried it as a last resort. Within a month, her headaches had all but disappeared.

By finding low-carb substitutes, and using ingredients that are naturally keto-friendly, Tayo makes it easy for even the most die-hard rice fan to try keto.

LowCarbingAsian recipes

Low Carbing Asian is a website run by Jo and Mark, a married couple living in Los Angeles. Their website features keto recipes from all over the world. Jo was first attracted to a keto lifestyle after she developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

She researched and tried keto after her baby was born. Her husband soon followed, and shortly afterward, Low Carb Asian was born.

Low Carbing Asian has healthy, Asian-inspired recipes that anyone new to a keto diet can cook. They also have tons of drink recipes ranging from their take on familiar favorites like “Keto Hot Matcha Latte to more quirky keto recipes such as “Cream Cheese Foam Green Tea” if you have a yearning for something slightly off the beaten path.

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Big Man's World keto recipes

How do you make a brownie carb-free and healthy?

Don’t worry, Arman Liew, cookbook author and the creator of The Big Man’s World, has the answer for those with a sweet tooth.

Although his site is not exclusively keto, it still features hundreds of keto dessert, breakfast, and snack recipes that you can cobble together with just a few ingredients, whenever you feel a sugar rush coming.

He is a big advocate of not having to give up sweet treats altogether. But instead, he focuses on making healthy food swaps where you can literally have your cake and eat it too!

Headbanger's keto recipe

Sahil Makhija, a content creator and YouTuber, is the site owner of Headbanger’s Kitchen. It can be best described as a keto recipe website with a touch of heavy metal. The website has breakfast, dinner, desserts, and appetizer recipes for his audience.

It also contains a resource page with Q&A’s, shopping lists, and meal plans to help those who are keto beginners and don’t know where to start.

For those who like Indian food, he has included keto versions of street food favorites from India such as Keto Pakodas made with paneer, and a Keto Chutney to go along with it.

I Breathe, I'm Hungry keto recipes

Who says you can’t lose weight and still eat tasty meals on a ketogenic diet?

Meet Mellissa Sevigny, a cookbook author and blogger from Connecticut. She first toyed with the idea of living a low-carb lifestyle in 2012 when she began posting low-carb recipes to her blog.

After a while, Mellissa decided to try keto for herself. She quickly got bored with the standard keto fare of eggs and steak. This led her to experiment with ways to develop keto recipes that were easy to prepare and delicious at the same time.

Today, her blog offers scrumptious, low-carb recipes that even followers of other diets like Paleo, Whole 30, and Vegan can incorporate into their meal plans.

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Meat Free Keto website

Vegans can jump on the keto bandwagon too. Whether you are vegan or looking to cook something for meatless Monday, Meat Free Keto has hundreds of low carb, no-meat dishes to choose from.

Liz MacDowell is the owner of Meat Free Keto and a certified nutrition consultant. Her website contains hundreds of healthy, vegan recipes from all over the world.

Besides recipes, there is a vegan keto macro calculator on the website, that gives your daily carb intake according to your height and body weight.

And that’s not all. If you don’t want the hassle in choosing what’s for dinner every day, Meat Free Keto has specialized meal plans and meal bundle options that make sure you always know ahead of time what you are going to eat.

Keto in Pearls recipe

Anna from Keto in Pearls describes herself as a “grand millennial, wannabe homesteader”. It is a vibe that is clearly reflected throughout the recipes on her website.

If you have a hankering for some Keto Buttermilk Cornbread, or Keto Crispy Baked Chicken Drumsticks, her keto recipes are perfect for those looking for a hearty keto dinner.

Many recipes on this website also appeal to children with finicky tastes. So, you don’t ever have to worry about cooking a separate meal for yourself, and a different one for your children.

A Keto Diet Does Not Have to Be Complicated

Love it or hate it, the keto diet is hot right now for people wanting to lose weight and get healthy. The recipes on these websites show that eating low-carb dishes does not have to be boring. And almost all meals can be adapted to suit your keto lifestyle, no matter what kind of diet you are following.

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